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The next Generation of CineRangeFinder is here!

CineRangeFinder Gen2 now shipping! 

All new Electronics

Our in house electrical engineers have developed Generation 2 from the ground up. This has allowed us to add tonnes of new features to the CineRangeFinder and improve performance and user experience at the same time.

Our new dual-core 32bit processor allows for many new features that were not possible before such as being able to process the raw signal data from our new custom sensor circuitry, adjust ultrasonic power levels over distance to improve long-range performance / stop false readings and provide a new web interface for advance setup and control of the CineRangeFinder.


Our new 40kHz ultrasonic transducers provide higher performance distance measuring while being well above the max human hearing of around 20kHz. 

The dual horn design allows for separated transmission and receives sensors which not only improve max distance but also improve accuracy and narrows the pickup beam.

The additional horn extensions allow for an even narrower pickup pattern which is ideal for long lenses or cramped sets and locations. 


With our new powerful dual-core 32bit processor and built-in WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0, we are now able to provide advanced settings via our web interface that can be accessed via any WiFi or Bluetooth enabled devices such as your smartphone, tablet or laptop. 

This new interface allows for changing settings such as the ultrasonic sensor power output, gain levels at different distances as well as fine-tune adjustments for calibration.

With a live view of the sensor data readout, you can also get a more in-depth look into how the CineRangeFinder is reading the location which can help debug issues like false readings. The ability to then change power output or gain can then mitigate these issues that ultrasonics use to face. 

Product features

Dual horn design

Dual horns allow for separate transmission and receive ultrasonic transceivers which gives you better range, narrower pickup beam and higher accuracy.

2.4GHz radio

Using 2.4GHz allows for the CineRangeFinder to be used around the world on licensed free bands and also provides long-range with good penetration of walls which is ideal for most film sets.

integrated laser pointer

Make setup and operation easier with our integrated laser pointer. The low powered red laser can help with initial setup and operation. The laser is turned on and off with the Remote.

Dual core 32bit processor

Xtensa® 32-bit LX6 MCU dual-core 32bit CPU provides loads of power for processing ultrasonic signals and the ability to add advanced features and custom settings.

Wifi and BT remote control

Connect your mobile phone, tablet or laptop to the CineRangeFinder and use our web interface to control all the settings and fine adjust parameters to suit your needs.

waterproof case

With enough room for the CineRangeFinder Gen2 Sensor, Two Remotes and all the cables and accessories you need, the included CNC cut foam will protect your investment.

CineRangeFinder Gen2 now shipping!