Fast Car Mount should only be used by competent users who operate equipment in a safe manner.

Misuse of the Fast Car Mount can cause serious injury or death.

Always stick to the safety guidelines and never put yourself, talent or others at risk.

The Fast Car Mount system is designed to be easy to use and simple to set up. Allowing for fast setup with great results.

This user guide will help you get started with correct mounting techniques, safety and tips on how to get the best out of the kit.

First thing to do is to check that you have received everything. 

You should already know what main items are included depending on the package you buy but there should be the following in the kit;

If you are missing any items, please get in touch!

Initial Setup

As we are going to be working with cars. You must first have a clean work area so that you do not transfer dirt onto the bodywork of the car or damage the magnet mounts or suction cups.

We advise some sort of stable table along with a thick cloth or even thin carpet such as the stuff you get on a magliner. You can also use the lid of the case as a work area if you need though due to the depth it is only useful if you have no other options. 

We recommending cleaning the bottom of the mounts with a damp cloth. This should pull off any dirt. Do not rub too hard as to not damage the rubber. Note that the magnet mounts do like to attract magnetic materials so expect some small bits of metal on the magnet mounts over time.

Prepare the Fast Car Mount to accept your camera.

We recommend using a quick release plate if you are to direct mount the camera as this will help you a lot when removing the Fast Car Mount from the vehicle as well as transport to and from your setup area.

Tripod heads can be directly mounted using the included 3/8-16 UNC screws.  

3 axis gimbal plates can also be attached using the included screws. Some plates include their own screws such as the Small Rig Ronin quick release.

There is native support certain mounting plates. You will find pre-drilled holes or threads for said plates.



Prepare the vehicle.

Prior to mounting anything. Work out where you want the camera. Ideally using the camera, or a mobile app, find the angle you want and where about the Fast Car Mount needs to be. Doing this prior to mounting everything will save time.

Once you have found the position you want. Clean the area using a micro fiber cleaning cloth. This cloth should be washed or brand new and should be damp not dry. Make sure that all the fine particulars such as dirt or dust are removed to help prevent any damage as well as keep the mounting secure. 

Photo left shows the dirt on a micro fiber cleaning cloth 1 day after washing the car.

All Fast Car Mount packages come with 6 magnet mounts but you can upgrade to include 4 suction cup mounts also.

Each mounting method has its advantages and drawbacks and we will cover them here.

Magnet Mounts



Suction Cups



Mount the Fast Car Mount - Magnets

Careful when performing the next part as skin can get pinched between objects.

Have all the magnets screwed half way so you can adjust later.

Place one corner of the mount on the car. You should feel the magnet pull. Carefully roll one edge down and then roll the rest down onto the vehicle. Doing this slowly will prevent injury and damage.

You may need to level the magnets so they are all engaging with the car.

If you are using 6 magnets, instead of 4, have the 2 extra magnets in the middle rolled up completely. Then adjust these once the mount is placed so that all 6 are touching. 

Mount the Fast Car Mount - Suction Cups

Suction cups come with a 3/8-16 thread hole rather than a thread screw. You will need to use the 4 included grub screws to mount these to the Fast Car Mount.

Remove all the magnet mounts and insert and screw one grub screw. Use your finger to stop it spinning once it reaches the other side. Then screw on the suction cup. These mounting method prevents damage to the internals of the suction cups. Never use a screw or force tighten these grub screws. 

Repeat this process till you have all 4 suction cups mounted.

To mount to the car, clean the area, then place the mount onto the car. Start off with one suction cup, repetitively pressing in the suction cup plunger till the red line disappears.

Now do the opposing corner, and finally the two other suction cups.

If you are not mounting on a flat surface, you may need to apply some pressure to get these suction cups to mount. Having someone else do this while you operate the suction cups is advised. 

Insert Gub Screw
Screw on suction cup
Screw on till it locks in place


Secure the Fast Car Mount

You should never operate the Fast Car Mount or any car mounting equipment without some form of safety straps.

We recommend using at least two so you can secure front to back and side to side.

Ratchet straps provide a fast and easy way to do this. Place the strapping through the mount, making use of the slots.

The straps should go around and loop back to each other or securely latch onto the frame of the vehicle such as the under-frame, internal/external bolts or holes.

Cam buckle straps (search Kayak Straps for soft version) can also be used. These are more ideal for bonnet mounting.

Removing the Fast Car Mount

Before removing the Fast Car Mount, remove the camera and any other large accessories. 

When using magnets, pull from one corner and then lift one side. Then rotate and pull the last remaining side leaving 1 magnet still attached. Finally pull the Fast Car Mount off the vehicle. 

Doing it this way protects the metalwork and is easier for you to pull.

To remove the suction cups, use your finger or thumb to push the knub so the side of the rubber mount lifts. This allows air to enter the vacuum space and lose suction. Do this for all 4 suction cups and lift the Fast Car Mount off the vehicle. 

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