Camera car mounting made easy.

Mounting cameras to cars should not have to be complex or expensive!

We have designed and engineered a solution that is simple, easy to use and helps you get that awesome car shot without the hassle or expense.
Simply pull the car mount out from the case and place it on your car. It is that quick!

fast car mount


The mounting plate, measuring in at just 21cm or 8.27in (length and width), includes a wide range of mounting holes for Tripod heads and gimbal plates.
On each side, there are large slots for strapping as well as spare 3/6-16 and 1/4-20 threads for accessories.

Available with optional anti-vibration hardware, the Fast Car Mount can be upgraded to allow the mounting of gimbals.
We include support for the following, though many other gimbals will be supported with a single 3/8-16 screw;


Upgrade to the Anti-Vibration package and mount your gimbal for smooth shots. Perfect for a variety of creative shots.

Upgrade to suction cups and mount on all surfaces including glass, metal and plastic.

Less than 2KG for the whole package, it is easy to mount on the bonnit or even on the roof like in our video <<<

The mount can even be placed on a Tripod for boot or trailer shots.


Secure your investment with our included custom cut foam case with space for all the accessories and more.

There is space for the Fast Car Mount, 6 magnet mounts, 4 suction cups and a box for fixings & tools.

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