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The CineRangeFinder is a sonar range finder for assisting with focus pulling. Its low cost but high build quality makes it a great value tool for any AC or Focus Puller to have in their kit.


Features include;

  • Long-range up to 10 meters / 35 feet (manufacturer spec) Actual range varies on environment, typically 1-15 feet for human detection.
  • Super large 14.22mm 7 segment display
  • Multiple display colour options including Red, Green and Blue
  • Built-in high powered WiFi for remote accessories and 3rd party tools
  • USB upgrade port
  • Wide 12v to 20v power input via 2pin LEMO
  • +/- 99 Inches/Centimetre datum offset
  • 4 level LED brightness

It has been designed as a complete unit with everything you need within a single package including the power cables and sonar cables. There are no other necessary parts that you need to get this working other than a power source.

The large 14mm displays allow for easy operation close up and medium distance away from the camera rig.

With a built-in wireless transceiver the Remote allows you to roam free up to 100m (Line of Sight) and still be able to see the readout and operate the CineRangeFinder.

The CNC machined case is finished with a black anodized finish offering long term protection demanded from the film and TV industry.


Everything you need is included with the kits including 50cm power cables, sensor cable, and antennas.

1 Year limited warranty as standard.

Additional information

Weight 750 g
Dimensions 160 × 160 × 160 mm
Display Colour

Red, Green, Blue


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