Fast Car Mount User Guide

This is the user guide for the Fast Car Mount, low cost and easy to use car mount kit.

This guide is not yet complete but covers the essentials on how to use the Fast Car Mount kit as well as safety.

Your Fast Car Mount kit will arrive in a medium sized cardboard box, enclosed is a flight case made from plastic (polypropylene of which is the most environmentally friendly plastic type). Do stick a knife into the cardboard box to cut the shipping tap. There is around 1cm gap between the cardboard and the case, sticking a knife into the case will scratch it and possibly damage it.

To open the case, orientate it so the handles are towards you and the finger hole is facing down. Then pull up on the handles and the case should open with little force.

Inside you will find the complete kit with the Fast Car Mount system (full kit shown above) with extra magnet mounts, tool box and optional suction cup mounts.

The toolbox contains the following;

5/7 Hex (the other hex drive is located in the top right suction cup mount hole).
5x 3/8-16 1″ screws
5x 3/8-16 3/4″ screws
5x 1/4-20 3/4″ screws
6x 3/8-16 5/8″ grub screw (has no head on it)


You should have a clean and safe area to work with when using the Fast Car Mount (or any cinema gear). This is especially important when working with equipment that sits directly onto cars as any dirt that gets onto the magnet mounts or suction cups will then be trapped between them and the car. This will damage the car’s paintwork and the mounts.
Always keep these items clean and never place on the ground without a clean intermediary surface between them.


The Fast Car Mount is designed to be as easy to use as possible but also affordable. If you are changing between single plate and anti-vibration, the following info will help with this as it is not super simple.

I’m going to presume you have the mount already disassembled as this is how we ship it.

First, you are going to get everything out of the case that you will need. This is the 2 plates, 4 vibration mounts, the tool box and the large hex key located in the top right suction cup hole in the case. It is right at the bottom pressed into the space.

Place one of the plates down on the clean surface with the block holes facing you. Then place a single anti vibration into that slot with the 2 grub screws facing down into the plate (these blocks hold the cables higher this way, doing it the other way will cause issues for you later).
Take a 3/8-16 1″ from the toolbox and using the long hex key, screw the block into the plate.
Do this for all 4 of the vibration mounts.

Once this is done, get the 2nd plate and attach a single anti-vibration cable so that the 2nd plate is now connected to the other plate.
Then flip over the 1st plate and pull the opposing vibration cable into place on the 2nd plate. The 2nd plate should remain down on the surface so you have access to the screws.
Now screw in the opposing anti-vibration block. Apply pressure on top of the 1st plate to seat the opposing block. Pushing around the top plate will allow you to get better access to the screws underneath it.

You should now have 2 anti-vibration cables secured to both plates. You can now repeat the processes with the remaining 2 cables.